Yancheng Hongtai Bioengineering Co.,Ltd.

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Yancheng Hongtai Bioengineering Co.,Ltd.
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 Founded in 2000, Yancheng Hongtai Bioengineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturer in Jiangsu province. The company mainly engages in the production of natural and synthetic food grade, pharmaceutical grade, electronic grade acids, esters, alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, lactic acids, extracts, edible essences and more than 100 kinds of food additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, electronic raw materials and household chemicals, which have been sold to Southeast Asia, Europe, America an...


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  • butane-2,3-diol
  • CAS:513-85-9;12351... 
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  • Octanoic acid
  • CAS:124-07-2 
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  • n-Heptanoic acid
  • CAS:111-14-8 
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  • 2-Phenethyl alcohol
  • CAS:60-12-8;1321-2... 
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  • Isovaleraldehyde
  • CAS:590-86-3 
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  • Calcium lactate
  • CAS:814-80-2;5743-... 
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  • Ethyl butyrate
  • CAS:105-54-4 
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  • Ethyl lactate
  • CAS:97-64-3 
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  • Ethyl acetate
  • CAS:141-78-6 
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  • Ethyl propionate
  • CAS:105-37-3 
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